Autoimmune Disease And Leaky Gut

Sicker And Sicker On The Daily

Millions of people suffer from autoimmune disease and sickness every year, and the sufferers only seem to be getting more and more prevalent in our society. It has to make you wonder, why? Why is America getting sicker and sicker on the daily? According to Autoimmune Disease and Statistics, there are a whopping number of different autoimmune diseases out there, 151 to be exact. Autoimmune disease and leaky gut are prevalent in our country, and I’m gonna tell you how they are connected!

autoimmune disease and leaky gut

So, You Have An Autoimmune Disease

If you’ve been given the news, “So, you have an autoimmune disease”, there’s a good chance you felt a bit of fear and disappointment. The scariest part about finding out you have an autoimmune disease is that you were most likely told that all you can do is take some prescription drugs and try to live your life the best you can.

An autoimmune disease happens when the immune system mistakenly attacks your body because it thinks it is being attacked by foreign invaders. Most autoimmune diseases start with an unbalanced gut, and this can be reversed my friends! A healthy microbiome leads to a healthy body. This means that if your ecosystem of good and bad bacteria in your gut is balanced and working properly, that you can start your gut healing journey and can heal your autoimmune disease.

autoimmune disease and leaky gut

What Is Leaky Gut?

What is leaky gut exactly? This condition is what happens when the tight junctions in the intestinal lining become weak and break. This breakage causes “holes” in the intestinal lining and allows anything to float through the holes and float around the whole body. When this happens, the body thinks it’s being attacked causing an immune response.

There are many things that can cause this. Stress can cause this. Toxins can cause this. Sugar will definitely cause this. Infections, medications, chemicals such as glyphosate, compromised digestion, inflammatory foods, and unhealthy eating can cause this too.

If you are not familiar with How Digestion Works, all of these things wreck havoc on the body’s stomach lining and depletes the hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) levels. When stomach acid levels start to diminish, the foods you eat then are not able to be broken down, absorbed, and utilized in the body. This also means that huge chunks of food continue down the digestive tract and end up in the intestines not in liquid form ready to be absorbed properly by the body. Huge chunks of food in the large intestine then break down the villi that are supposed to further break down and absorb the nutrients from your food. The villi get so broken down that chunks of food then slip through the “holes”.

The Connection

Autoimmune disease and leaky gut are connected. And, the connection is not as complex as you would think. Stressors create leaky gut. Leaky gut creates entrances from the intestinal lining into the body that allows foreign invaders such as food proteins, partially digested food particles, toxins, chemicals, bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc to float around in the body. Foreign invaders that enter the body cause the immune system to chronically send out white blood cells and inflammation. When these things happen, the immune system tends to use itself in an out of control way and starts to attack other parts of the body besides foreign invaders. Then, enters autoimmune disease.

The Good News

If you suffer from an autoimmune disease or suspect you have leaky gut, the good news is that these can be reversed! Autoimmune disease and leaky gut are connected as you have learned, and can be healed with healing the gut. Gut Healing Foods , GAPS Foods, and an Autoimmune Disease Diet is a great way to start healing the gut and getting it back into balance. Healing up leaky gut will allow the intestinal lining to mend and function again as it’s supposed to. This will steer the body away from autoimmune disease.

For more tips and tricks to heal autoimmune disease and leaky gut, head over to Steps To Take To Heal Leaky Gut!

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autoimmune disease leaky gut connection
autoimmune disease leaky gut connection
autoimmune disease leaky gut connection
autoimmune disease leaky gut connection