Beneficial Affects Of Giving Up Sugar

It's Time

If you haven’t learned already, I am here to tell you that sugar is awful for your body and eating it regularly can be damaging to your health. This doesn’t mean just cakes, ice-cream, and brownies. This means processed and packaged foods as well. Your pretzels, chips, “protein” bars, cereals. All things that are either made from sugar or break down to become sugar in the body. It’s time friends. It’s time to give it up because there are so many beneficial affects of giving up sugar!

The best thing you can do for yourself when making such a drastic change in your life is to gain knowledge. The more you know, the more empowered you will feel.

Your Digestion Will Improve

One of the biggest beneficial affects of giving up sugar is that your digestion will improve, greatly. Sugar wrecks havoc on digestive organs, causing them to not be able to do the jobs that they are supposed to do. This leads to symptoms that you feel such as indigestion, constipation, diarrhea, heart burn, headaches, stomach pains, and fatigue. Poor digestion leads to sickness, and these symptoms mean worse things are on the horizon such as autoimmune disease, allergies, asthma, and even cancer. Clean up the diet, clean up your digestion.

Reverse Sickness And Disease

As mentioned above, poor digestion caused by processed foods and sugar cause sickness. This also means a lot of diseases. Stages that lead up to diabetes can be reversed by diet change. Glycation, insulin resistance, and type II diabetes can in fact be reversed. Autoimmune diseases can be reversed. Ditching the sugar and implementing more healthful options into your diet will allow your gut to heal and rid yourself of sickness and disease. If you are interested more in how autoimmune disease can be healed with food, head over to How A Healthy Microbiome Leads To A Healthy Life and Autoimmune Disease And Leaky Gut.

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

You'll Have Less Sniffles

One of my favorite things about giving up the sugar is not being sick often. I’m talking years friends, YEARS you will go without being sick! You’ll have less sniffles, soar throats, colds, flus, stomach aches. Sugar feeds bacteria and viruses. If you don’t provide food for sickness, then it can’t survive in your body. Peace out winter sickness!

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

Better Sleep

Millions upon millions of Americans suffer from not getting sound sleep at night. It’s not new news that Americans eat unhealthy and they’re stressed to the max. This causes imbalances at night and can cause sleep deprivation. There are so many causes for sleep interruptions, eating the wrong foods is hands-down a big reason why you may be loosing your Z’s at night. When the body consumes too much processed and packaged foods filled with sugar, the body craves these empty calories throughout the day because it’s never truly getting satiated and full from real food. This causes your blood sugar regulation to be riding a roller-coaster all day long, and even all night long. This roller-coaster will wake you up in the middle of the night because it is so out of whack.

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

More Balanced Hormones

Not having regular periods? Break out every cycle? Turn into medusa when you PMS? No worries girl, we’ve all been there. Do you know how your hormones work? I only ask because most people don’t even know! Your hormones are created from cholesterol (yes, friends), fats, and proteins. Processed foods and sugar cause an imbalance with the fats and proteins you eat. They overwhelm the body and do not allow the body to break down and utilize the fats, proteins, and cholesterol that you need to create and feed your hormones. On a low fat diet and don’t eat cholesterol? You’re likely a sufferer from unbalanced hormones.

If you are in need of balancing your hormones, check out my post on Seed Cycling For Hormones and Hormonal Balance With Homeopathic Medicine. Both great ways to kick start your hormones back into balance!

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

Radiant Skin

This one is a strait and narrow one. Want radiant, glowing, young looking skin? Ditch the sugar, it dehydrates you like crazy. Dehydration of the skin creates wrinkles and a dull texture look. There it is, plain and simple 😉

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

Positive Change In Your Mental Health

Your mind is among many beneficial affects of giving up sugar. Giving up sugar will create positive change in your mental health and in your daily life. Your diet affects your mental health. Feeding your body and mind empty foods that contain no nutritional value strip your brain of it’s nutrients. Your brain is made up of 60% fat. How will you feed your brain to work optimally if you are eating too much sugar?

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

Relief Of Inflammation

Ingredients from processed foods contain not only sugar but dyes, preservatives, chemicals, glyphosate, fake vitamins, and words you cannot even pronounce let alone know what it is! All of these things are seen by the body as foreign invaders. When the body’s immune system kicks into gear to fight off foreign invaders, it inflames the body to protect itself. When the body is inflamed, it concentrates on protecting you, completely ignoring all of the other functions it should be doing. Like digesting your food, creating hormones, detoxing, regulating your blood sugar levels, feeding your bones calcium, among SO many other things.

beneficial affects of giving up sugar

You'll Likely Loose Weight

This one’s an easy one too! Sugar causes inflammation, inflammation causes weight gain. Ditch the sugar, loose the inflammation, loose the weight. It’s a win-win friends!

Overcoming Sugar

If you are struggling with giving up sugar you’re not alone, trust me! The best thing you can do for yourself when overcoming sugar is to gain knowledge. The more you know, the more empowered you will feel. And, the more empowered you feel the more drive you will have to succeed. Overcoming sugar addiction is real and is compared to being addicted to drugs. The brain reacts the same way to sugar as it does to cocaine. It takes over your dopamine levels in the brain, causing you to feel like you are spiraling out of control with the foods you eat everyday.

After you get a small glimpse of what sugar does to the brain, be sure to familiarize yourself with the 57 Different Names Of Sugar that are labeled on foods. There is hidden sugar everywhere and you may be addicted and not even know or understand why! After you have gained a bit of knowledge, you are ready to get started on your big life change. Head over to How To Overcome Sugar Addiction to learn six steps on how to gain your power back against the foods you eat.




Make The Change

If you are up to make the change and ditch sugar from your life, the best way to get started is to kick start your body with a 10 Day Processed Food Detox, learning how to Balance Your Macros, and Eating More Healthy Fats. The more you can kick sugar and processed foods to the curb and implement more healthy fats and proteins, the better you will feel and the healthier you will be!

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