Guide to Paint

guide to paint

Where To Start

I recently had the chance to help out a client who was just about to move into their new home, a large one. So many walls, rooms, coves, ceiling details. Moving is stressful as it is, let alone adding in the fact that if you want it repainted that it’s probably the easiest to get that done before the big move. A new house and space can be overwhelming, leaving one with uncomfortable feeling of where to start. I am here to help you, give you some pointers! Check out my guide to paint…I hope it can be of some help!

Pick Your Favorite Room

The best piece of advice I can give for someone who is struggling to know where to start, is to pick your favorite room in the house that’s on the main floor. Is the kitchen your favorite? A two story great room? A main floor game room? Houses come in all shapes, sizes, and designs…you never know what the inside of a home can be laid out like!

Suppose your favorite house in the room is a two story great room with a beautiful stone fireplace all the way up to the ceiling. You love the openness feel of the room, all the natural light that comes in. Start there, pick a paint color that compliments the colors in your stone.

Maybe your favorite room in the house is the kitchen. Your day job is in finance, but you’ve secretly have always wanted to be a chef in your privately owned restaurant. Start here. Pick a paint color that’s in your granite or compliments your cabinet color.

Whatever room you decide to start in, bounce the rest of your paint colors off of that first room. This creates a natural flow and overall color story of your home!

guide to paint

Pick Your Favorite Design Element

So, starting with a room can be one option. Another option is to pick your favorite design element. This can be the stone on your fireplace, the exposed brick in your living room, a wallpaper, wainscoting, your kitchen tile. Something in a home that has depth and texture can be the start of your paint color scheme.

For renovating our 1950’s house (which you can read up more here!), we choose to bounce the entire house off of the brick that was in our living room and our hand made farmhouse wood floors.

Our living room brick had black, whites, and oranges in it. We complimented our wood floors with the brick and that then led into paint colors. Green is a compliment color to orange, so we did the main walkway in our house green, which also happens to be the center of our home as well. We also have green accents throughout our house to bring the whole home together.

guide to paint

Think About Lighting

Lighting can play a HUGE role in the end result of your paint job. Paint colors can change throughout the day as the natural light comes and goes. Different lightbulbs can make even the coolest of paint colors look warm. And, even the color of your furniture can reflect onto your walls completely changing up things. The size of a room matters too, small rooms are a whole different ball game than large rooms as the space of a room can make the lightest of colors seem to dark.

Do You

Do you. Paint your home the way you see fit. Don’t be afraid that it’s not”trendy” enough. Trends are overrated. They come and they go, and when they go, it’s such a big job to jump to the next trend. Do you like deep rich colors? Do it. No reason to fall into this farmhouse-light paint color thing if you’re not going to be in love with it!

Love the farmhouse-light colors? Good, do it!! Whatever your style is, don’t feel pressure that the house you own and live in needs to be anything different. Inside your home is your life story, own it.

Also keep in mind what you use your home for besides to live in it. Are you a formal person who loves to have fancy adult only dinner parties? Is your family large and you spend a ton of kid time in your kitchen? What ever it may be, there are paint colors to go along with who you are and what overall mood you want your home to be.

guide to paint

Other Tips And Tricks

  • Stand at one end of your home and look at your overall house, imagine all your paint colors in one room. Don’t think of just one room, with one paint color.
  • ¬†Always test out your paint colors.
  • Don’t use the same paint finish for every room. Bathrooms are meant to have a high gloss as are children’s play rooms. Two story great rooms can be more matte.
  • Use a fan deck that you can check out from your local paint store if you want to use colors of similar value in your home.
  • Up back to the last bullet point, learn your color terms! Hue, value, complimentary, intensity, brilliance, saturation. They can help you to better layout your home.
  • Use the color wheel if you want to use complimentary colors from room to room, use the below. If you have a room blue, look across the wheel. Its complimentary color is going to be in the orange or yellow family.
guide to paint
guide to paint