Hormonal Balance With Homeopathic Medicine

Homeopathic Medicine

There are a ton of remedies out there that can help hormonal imbalance other than birth control, prozac, and tylenol. Western medical suggestions on how to help curve cramping, mood swings, food cravings, acne, and all of the other wonderful things we as women get to experience every month are only band-aids to what’s really going on inside the body to cause an imbalance. According to hylands.com (my favorite children’s cold remedies), homeopathic medicine is a whole medical system that originated in Europe and has been practiced in the US since the early 19th century. Homeopathic medicine is based off of three principles.

Like Cures Like

“Like cures like”. What does this mean?! This means that a substance that produces a certain set of symptoms, that those symptoms can be curved in a sick person. For example, during the spring allergies tend to pop up in millions of people. Itchy eyes, eyes watering, etc. Something someone could do is to eat an onion because an onion produces all of the same symptoms allergies can.

The second principle of homeopathic medicine is “minimal dose”. This means remedies use very diluted amounts of curative substances in very small doses. On average, each remedy is diluted with a ratio of one part curative substance to 1,000,000,000,000 parts water.

The third principle of homeopathic medicine is single remedy. This means that no matter how many symptoms you are experiencing, that only one remedy is given to treat all of the symptoms.

Hormonal Imbalance Remedies

hormonal balancing through homeopathic remedies

As mentioned earlier, there are a ton of things out there that can help with hormonal imbalances. The above chart is broken out by each day of a 28 day menstruation cycle. The numbers around the outside of the chart represent each day of your cycle. The supplemental suggestions are not all homeopathic, but a lot of them are. Each supplemental suggestion is based upon which hormone is out of whack that week in the cycle. To learn more about hormones check out my post, All About Hormones and What Can Go Wrong.

To create an even more balanced hormonal environment I suggest seed cycling alongside balancing hormones out with some supplements. For a seed cycling chart, wander over to Hormonal Balance Through Seed Cycling!

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