Poor Digestion Leads to Sickness

The Sickness Season is Upon us

The sickness season is upon us my friends. Each year it seems as though more and more people are susceptible to getting ill during the “sick season”. Is it because there are more and more bacterial and viral germs floating around in the air leaving us vulnarable to getting sick? Or is is possibly because we as Americans are getting sicker and sicker? With our ever increasingly weak immune systems, caused by the Standard American Diet destroying our digestion and our immune system strength? Let’s look at how unhealthy eating wrecks our digestive tract and poor digestion leads to sickness.

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America is Sick

Our world, and especially our country, is sicker then ever. And it has been way before the coronavirus entered into it. I saw a twitter post today on facebook that said, “******virus kills 3,000 people and we lose out shit. Obesity kills ~300,000 people annually and we come out with a new flavor of doritos”. Ain’t this some truth? Although this statement is disturbing, it’s 100 percent true. According to the World Health Organization, obesity kills about 300,000 people in the US every year and about 2.8 MILLION people around the world each year.

America is sick, sicker then ever. Heart disease and obesity is constantly on the rise, year after year killing hundreds of thousands. The result of not eating healthy leaves the body’s organs undernourished and left to not work anymore, thus causing digestion organs to work poorly. Poor digestion leads to sickness. Kidneys fail, immune systems get broken, people get cancer, and people are dying from viruses.

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What's Making America Sick?

So, what’s making America sick? We are unhealthy and our body systems are not working as they should. We eat whatever we want whenever we want it, and 90% of our diets consist of food that comes out of a bag or box and we go weeks without eating a single vegetable. All of this crap eating is breaking American’s bodies, especially the digestive tract and digestion system. This result of poor digestion leads to sickness. When the body’s digestion system becomes compromised, so does the immune system.

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America's Food System Leads to Sickness

America’s food system is destroying our health. When you walk into a grocery store, only about 1/5 of the store has fresh fruits and veggies, nuts and seeds, fresh meat, fish, eggs and cheese. And within this small percentage of fresh foods, are the foods that haven’t been destroyed and ripped from their nutrients (aka organic foods).

The fresh fruits and vegetables are being sprayed with chemicals such as glyphosate (biggest ingredient in the product Roundup). Did you know that there are studies out there that prove that chemicals sprayed on growing orange plants are resulting in oranges containing zilch amount of vitamin C?

Fresh fish that is sold are swimming in small farms, loosing their nutrients and eating each other’s poop for food. Farm raised salmon actually comes out of the lakes white, and a pink colored chemical is injected into the fish to make it look pink.

America’s food system allows companies that make cheeses, milks, and butter to pasteurized their dairy to the max they their products contain no real authentic vitamin D. But, vitamin D added back in synthetically. For the cheeses, turn the packages over. They contain orange colored chemicals to actually make the cheese appear more orange.

Our eggs that come from our chickens contain yolks that aren’t even yellow. Why? Because chickens are fed grains to plump them up, grains that are sprayed with chemicals such as Roundup. America’s food system is failing us more and more each day, it’s terrible for our bodies. The chemicals and the way our food system is allowing our foods to be produced is leaving millions of Americans with poor digestion leading them to be sick multiple times a year.

Processed Foods Leads to Sickness

According to the Food Industry Executive, by the year 2023 the global worth of food processing ingredients will reach it’s highest and expected to be worth 55.99 billion dollars. Wow, that is a lot of genetically modified corn starch and red dye chemical.

Processed and packaged foods are the biggest issue in our society in my opinion. They can be cheap, quick and easy to grab in our fast paced society, and they are filled with chemicals that are wrecking havoc on our digestive systems. Each year processed foods, or as I call them empty foods, take up almost our entire grocery stores giving the consumer no real choice but to purchase them.

How Foods are Destroying our Bodies

Foods that contain no real nutritional value, are stripped of their vitamins and minerals, and are loaded with fake ingredients and chemicals are exactly the foods that are destroying our bodies. Our body is not made to break down and utilize chemicals. They are made to take nutrients from real food and utilize these nutrients for our organs and to make our body systems work as they should.

When one’s diet consists of foods that have synthetic nutrients, processed and packaged foods, and no real fruits and veggies, the digestive system starts to become broken. Chemicals, pesticides, dyes, preservatives, are all things that go through the digestive system and literally put holes through the gut lining and create an imbalance of our microbiome. I am sure you have all heard of leaky gut? This is how leaky gut is created. I believe that almost every American has leaky gut to some extent because so much of the foods we eat are destroying our bodies.

How Fake Foods will Destroy Digestion

As I mentioned above, fake foods will destroy digestion. Let’s have a quick chat on the connection here. When the body consumes foods that contain so many fake ingredients, these ingredients cannot be broken down, absorbed in the body, and utilized to keep rebuilding our organs and keep our body systems working properly. These chemicals sit in the digestive tract diminishing our stomach acid levels, creating ulcers in the gut, and busting holes through our intestinal lining.

Low stomach acid levels will lead to heartburn and indigestion. Fake foods that destroy digestion leads to celiacs, IBS, Crohn’s Disease, and eventually cancer. Not many people actually realize that the inside of your body’s most direct connection to the chemical and toxic filled world in strait through your digestive system. Anything that you put in your mouth from the outside world can either benefit your body or start to destroy your digestion.

Destroyed digestion leads to every other single problem in the body. I will repeat that. Every.other.single.problem in the body. Your digestive system breaks down nutrients so that you can have nice skin, so bones can get enough calcium, so organs can be rebuilt with fats and proteins, so your brain can think strait because it’s been fed enough fats, so you stay hydrated. I mean, the list can go on and on my friends! Remember the dad from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, always directing any word in the dictionary back to the Greek language? Give me any bodily function and I can relate it back to why you need a proper working digestive system to achieve optimal working status, I promise you!

If you are looking for a great visual on how poor digestion leads to sickness, take a look at my downloads page for a free digestion system diagram on how digestion is supposed to work and how digestion can go wrong!

How Poor Digestion will Lead to Poor Sickness

So, let’s get to it finally. How does poor digestion lead to poor working immune systems and lead to sickness? When they body has a compromised digestive system, that means that the gut microbiome is not balanced and not able to work at its full potential.

Haven’t heard of a microbiome? It’s millions of tiny good and bad bacterias that live in our gut. Chemicals, pesticides, herbacides, dyes, preservatives, genetically modified foods, they all kill these bacteria. This colony of bacteria is so unbelievably important my friends. They are what kill and remove unwanted bacteria and viruses from your body. Hundreds of thousands of sickness cross your path everyday. If you have a a great microbiome colony living in your gut, that means that you have a good working immune system. Nasty viruses crossing your path? See ya sickness, I’ve got a great colony of bacteria to kick you out of my body!

If you tend to have a body that gets sick every sick season or gets sick multiple times a year your microbiome is in need of help. Food can help! Take a look at my list of gut healing/microbiome boosting foods from my free downloads page!

Let's Wrap this One up!

Alright friends, I’ve gone on long enough on this topic-I can’t help but be passionate about it as a Functional Nutritional Therapy Practitioner! If you take away anything from this lengthy post, please just know that the foods you are eating are destroying your gut, and that there ARE foods out there that can heal your gut. Please also know that a broken gut’s microbiome is left unable to defend itself against sicknesses that crosses it’s path. A healthy balanced gut microbiome that is fed nutrient dense foods will flourish and work to it’s best potential. Unhealthy, fake, processed foods will wreck havoc on the microbiome leaving it susceptible to not being able to fight off sicknesses.

If you are traveling in the near future be sure to check out my post on How to Stay Healthy While Traveling. All the good things to keep your digestion working optimally and to keep your immune system strong!

If you are interested in balancing out your microbiome through Functional Nutritional Therapy, please please PLEASE reach out to me! A healthy body that eats nutrient dense foods will keep the gut microbiome balanced and doing it’s job, thus boosting your immune system. No more living with poor digestion that leads to sickness.

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