Something Old

Repurposed Wedding Gowns

Nothing says “something old” like reusing a mother’s wedding gown to hand make gifts for daughters. Repurposed wedding gowns can be created into beautiful, sentimental gifts for s bride-to-be daughter. Hair pieces, purses, veils, even using a mothers wedding gown to add onto a new bridal gown can be done! 

A Mother's Wedding Gown And Two Purses

I had the privilege to create a bridal purse for a friend back in 2010 when she got married. Her mom came to me with the idea to cut apart her own wedding gown and veil to create a sentimental gift for my friend, and it turned out beautifully! Ten years later, my friend’s mom came back to me to have her younger daughter’s purse made too. I love to be part of creating special moments for people!

something old
something old