where to stay and hike in sedona

Where to Stay and Hike in Sedona

Thinking about heading west for a family vacation? I love the west, the ocean, the mountains, the desert. Such a great mix of nature. One of my favorite states to visit is Arizona, the land of the extreme dry. However, not in the north. It can be lush and green, with rich reds and oranges that fill the skies. It’s definitely a place where you want to visit, and I am here to tell you where you should stay and hike in Sedona!

There’s something peaceful about traveling to northern Arizona. The mix between 280 million year old rock formations and the lush green color makes you ponder what sort of things these formations have seen over time, yet keep you in the present gazing out at the vibrant greens as you take a six mile hike.

Sedona is at the top of my most favorite travel spots. With its cool mornings made for warm coffees and hiking, pool bound hot afternoons followed by ice cream cones, and starry filled night skies with wine in hand, I feel as though you get many different experiences in one unique place.

where to stay and hike in sedona

Where to Stay in Sedona

During our trip to Sedona we stayed in the Coconino National Forest at the Enchantment Resort. It was hands-down amazing! Pool, spa, gym, juice bar, a cute shoppe, a restaurant, bar, hiking trails, and childcare with fun activities so mom and dad can hit the red rocks or go out to dinner. You can stay on site the whole time and be entertained with all the fun things and the picturesque beautiful backdrop.

Every morning I would get up earlier then the fam and head out for a cool morning hike or walk. Although I didn’t take advantage of going on a guided hike that the resort offered, I was able to get out on the trails that started right on the resort grounds. Hiking solo is confirmed a great mind relaxer to any mom out there!

hiking in sedona

Although Enchantment Resort would be my first choice, there are a ton of really great resorts in the Sedona area with varying amenities and cost. Some other great resorts are the Sedona Summit, L’Auberge de Sedona, Mii Amo, and Red Agave Adventure Resort. No matter which you choose, I would definitely choose a resort with a pool, especially if traveling with little people!

swimming at the enchantment resort in sedona

Here to Hike in Sedona

If you’re interested in great hiking trails outside of the Enchantment Resort, look no further my friends! Sedona offers sooo many amazing hiking trails, just check ’em out! With all lengths of trails, you can find a trail to hit any age.

1. Fay Canyon: 2.6 mile trail

2. Boyton Canyon: 6.1 mile trail (super close to Enchantment Resort)

3. Devil’s Bridge Trail: 4.2 mile trail

4. Bell Rock Pathway: 4 mile trail

5. Soldier Pass: 4.1 mile trail

If you’re looking for some real excitement, rent yourself a jeep and hit the backroads of Sedona! It’s dusty, but the views are gorgeous. I’m not sure how, but when we pulled out of our resort, we ended up somewhat lost and realized we had put ourselves right in the middle of a self-guided driving tour. It was exhilarating (at first) to be lost, but after awhile of exploring we seemed to end up right back on the main drag. Not sure how, this part of our trip was all put up to chance, but it was fun! I didn’t know where exactly we were until after we got out of the trails and I could map where we were… apparently we were on the back trails off of Highway 89A.

back roading in sedona
back roading in sedona

If you are researching where in the western states to visit and are open to visiting some other states check out my post on Visiting Seattle and A Day Trip to Whidbey Island from Seattle! Washington is another great western state to visit with it’s downtown Seattle area and multiple day trips you can take, it’s a sure way to spend a family vacation!

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